Weekly #5: Back to writing this beautiful newsletter

Cezar is back to writing outside niche platforms.

Hello friends! Long time no see!

So many things have happened since the last time I wrote to you! I’ve been talking to many people about extension-create and the browser extensions book, working on getting extension-create cross-browser, traveling, making mistakes, having fun, and surviving the pandemics. Too much for a single post, right? Here are the best ones.

I’m now a Quora Top Writer

Around a month ago, I was awarded the first Quora Top Writer in ‘21 (Portuguese), answering questions about software engineering, open-source, and sharing my unique experience writing computer programs. If you read Portuguese or are willing to translate it, check out the link to read a few answers by me, highlighted by Quora.

extension-create now supports Edge

You read it! You can now run any Chrome Extension on Edge while still going no config (because configs are boring!).

npx extension-create start —browser=edge <your-extension-path>

See the —browser=edge thing? That’s all you need to run your extension on Edge!

The cool thing about supporting Edge is that based on previous learnings, now I have the mechanisms to create any Chromium-based browser launcher, as extension-create is built on top of webpack-run-chrome-extension and webpack-run-edge-extension. The latter was only possible after chromium-edge-launcher, a library I created on top of chrome-launcher to run Edge. Theoretically, any other Chromium browsers as well, notoriously Opera, Brave, and Vivaldi.

Firefox support on the way

I started playing with Mozilla Add-Ons (the name Mozilla uses for their browser extensions) samples from MDN. The goal is to support the browser.* namespace and support Promise APIs in a cross-browser fashion.

I signed my first contract as a company

I’m now a proud owner of Atlantico Software, a company representing me for current and future contracting work, currently providing awesome desktop development services for the fine folks at Tribe. You can call it contracting work as usual, but I like being fancy. I also own https://atlantico.software because why not? I’m CEO, bitch.


I’m having some conversations about browser extensions and finishing up the final draft outline for the browser extensions book. It’s getting so cool, and I can’t wait to have something public to share.

See you soon,